Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen

June 14, 2018

Header image: logo design is about 10% design skill, 30% design knowledge, and 60% listening to what your client is (and isn’t) telling you. Our logo design process for Redfish was a good example of giving your client more to talk about if they don’t really have a distinct idea in mind.   I am […]

The Printer’s Guide to Design – Starters

The Printer’s Guide to Design – Starters

April 16, 2018

Header image: Getting your piece set up correctly from the beginning makes all the difference in the world. If you’ve got your sizing, pagination, layout, folding schemes, colors, etc. all in place before you send it over to the printer, the odds of your work coming off the press looking perfect increase exponentially. Here, we’ve […]

How to Invest in the Right Things

How to Invest in the Right Things

April 4, 2018

Header image: Our recent social media post featured a work-in-progress commission for someone that really loves Mumford & Sons. In their song Awake My Soul, they sing the line found on the image – a line that I believe has resonated with many people in the years since the song’s release. Where you invest your […]

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“Shannon stuck by me when I pulled out all my hair. She was always courteous, prompt and forth-coming with suggestions until I was happy.  She saw it all the way through and that I can appreciate.  I never felt rushed with her and my project. Shannon stayed the course and we have beautiful EXPO pieces to show for it.”

Constance Y. Jones, Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC)

“Truly exceptional work. We are very lucky to have you on our team.”

Troi Taylor, Taylor Construction Management

“I’m thankful for our collaboration and the expertise and professionalism that you contribute to what I do. I have never worked with anyone better, in your industry. I’m continually impressed with your customer service attitude and your ability to execute on any project that I bring to you.”

Glenn Drysdale, Halliburton